Condominium Organization of South Sierra Avenue

Solana Beach, California

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COOSSA is a non-profit community group formed in 1988. 

The purpose of COOSSA is twofold:

1.  To make local government aware of the particular interests, concerns, and consensus of the community on South Sierra Avenue (click here to see more information on what we support).

2.  To share information on property management, maintenance, and other matters of mutual interest (click here to see "Best Practices").

Present members (in order from north  to south - click on names to see pictures) :

    Las Brisas (36 units)
    Surfsong, (72 units, click here for their web site)
    Sky Bluffs (11 units)
    Seascape Shores (51 units)
    Solana Beach & Tennis Club (152 units, red roofs)
    Seascape Sur (188 units)
    Seascape I (50 units)
    Seascape Chateau (30 units)
    La Playa Del Mar (24 units)
    Del Mar Shores Terrace (87 units, click here for their web site)
    Del Mar Beach Club (192 units)                                                                                                     

(Picture is the inside cover of SDG&E Annual Report, Feb 1979)

There are a total of 893 units on these 11 properties, which we estimate includes about 1,400 voters, including about 850 local voters (including couples and long-term renters).

Meetings are held at 6:30pm on the third Thursday of January, April, July, & October, with the location rotated among member Associations.  Any Association condominium owner is invited.  Each Association has one designated primary voting representative (and one back-up).  These meetings have the following agenda:
            Special Guest Speaker (a local official, developer, etc.)
            Members of COOSSA active in Solana Beach present the following reports:
                    Shoreline Update
                    Solana Beach Traffic Safety, Parking, Lighting
                    S. Sierra Enhancement/101 Development    
            Reports from each property

If desired, please contact the Chairman of COOSSA (Tom Ryan) at, or the secretary of COOSSA (Denise) at .

Note that there is a counterpart of COOSSA on the east side of Solana Beach called the "Solana Eastside Community Group" (SECG) - formerly the Solana Homeowners Association Group (SHAG).  They represent 11 homeowners associations and 1,100 homes.  You can contact the Secretary of the SECG, Rena, by clicking here or at   

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2002 Christmas party pictures

Special going-way party for Jack & Joy - February 2003

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